Really, stop it! You are putting your account at risk.

When you create a new AWS account it will create a root user with the email and password used to create it. The simplest thing to do is to use that user for everyday tasks. …

Ever felt the urge to do cloud development while on a boat or a train? Guess what, you can!

Sometimes you want to test your API before opening a pull request, or you might not have an internet connection and still want to make progress. This article will help you do these things without having to deploy anything to AWS.


We are going to be using AWS Serverless Application…

Learn what is needed to build a Lambdaless API using AWS API Gateway, DynamoDB, OpenAPI and CloudFormation.

A common way people build serverless APIs is by routing an API Gateway request to an AWS Lambda. This will make another request to a different AWS Service. It often goes unnoticed that API Gateway can integrate with other AWS Services without the need of Lambda.

Most of the operations…

Simple steps to quickly collect requirements and iterate before starting development.

As a software developer when starting a new project it is common to just want to jump directly to build the new application or feature immediately, thinking that all the planning beforehand is irrelevant for you. …

Andres Moreno

Passionate software engineer focused on cloud development.

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